Boys Time!

With Christmas coming up faster than an alcoholics stomach contents, Jo has poodled off into the great wilds of England to beat the leaving hell out of people. Tam has been stolen by the mother in law, leaving me and Jaysen with the heating on, music up, jeans off.

Yes folks, it's boys weekend in once again.

Dinner will be a case of seven minutes of slaving at the microwave for each of us, fizzy drinks, booze and tea (for me) and whatever fluids are running around for the boy. Healthy snacks will include "Crisps" and "Chocolate" and maybe the dairy group representing with "Ice Cream". Jo left a large bar of Cadburys here which, I'm afraid, is being confiscated and closely examined for foreign bodies (in case she's been knocking off immigrants).

I might even manage a shower this week...

In other news, I found a site of "free stuff" which provided me with hours of pleasure. Samples of mundane stuff - soap, washing powder, make up, deodrant - to the interesting stuff - incontinence pads, colostomy bags, thermometers for elderly people... So I had great fun filling out the form with other peoples names and addresses.

Jo was rather pleased with her very own Paternity Testing Kit... At least she didn't try to stab me with it. Lucky for me, I was under the desk "untangling wires" so was safe from the worst of the fall out.

Anyways, Jo has gone, leaving me to it, while I brave the forces of the central heating, she's braving freezing fog, frost, ice, sleet, wind and rain... How DO I manage to get out of such "fun"...

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2 Responses to “Boys Time!”

The Random One said...

Oh, what is this website? I want to send people horrible free things :D

Posh Totty said...

*sighing with relief* am now so glad I didnt give you my address, and there was me thinking you just wanted to send a Christmas card HAH!!