This week, I have mostly been battling with insomnia. I've been going to bed like a good boy, I've even managed to fall asleep fairly quickly (despite Jo stealing the duvet, or Tam appearing in our bed and kicking me in the head) but the trick seems to be actually staying asleep. Within an hour or two, I am not only awake, but prowling the house, checking doors, windows, kids, email and everything else. Then I go back to bed, toss and turn for a few hours, get a drink, read, watch a DVD or something, and then finally, sleep kicks in... I drift off to sleep, warm, comfortable, peaceful...

In time for Mr Alarmclock to make his presence known. And the day starts all over again.

I wake up for apparently random reasons. Usually it's because I'm hurting, sometimes I need to wee, or Tam has woken me, or Jo has woken me, or I have just woken up for no reason.

Anyway, the offshot of all this, is that when I am tired, I get down in the dumps. When it's grey and wet, I get down in the dumps. So I've been either ignoring the world and playing Warcraft, or I've been curled up on the sofa with Tam and my laptop playing stupid games.

Hence the lack of blog posts, and lack of my comments across other blogs.

Of course, getting drunk texts from people all hours of the day and night keep me amused, as does various confessions from various people, not to mention hearing about myself through the Gossip Grape Vine. That always makes me chuckle too.

So, last night wasn't much different - drunk chicks texting, lack of sleep, house prowling... My eyes feel like pissholes in the snow, and of course, considering which country I live in, it's cold, grey and wet. To WoW or Not To WoW, that is the question...

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One Response to “Exhausted!”

Em's way said...

Ahhh but Dan is it true gossip ? Oooh you should hear what I have heard about you lately ;)