Reasons Not To Drink Wine #31

As you may have gathered from the previous post, yesterday was not the least stressful day ever. On top of the whole "fixing someones computer" issues, the kids were, to put it bluntly, evil satanic little $hits. I assume it's the excitement of Crimbo up and coming, seeing the decs, the tree, the presents and knowing all the Xmassy plans are looming.

With them both attempting to shred the house, they managed to shred the nerves of us, the poor parents. And what's better than a bottle of wine, some crisps, some chocolate and some biscuits.

One bottle of wine and some junk food later, bedtime loomed, with me asleep on the sofa till the early hours. But this isn't about me. No no, this is photographic proof of why Jo shouldn't drink lots of wine. To be fair, it was a rather large bottle of, and while she only had two glasses of wine, each glass holds about... a pint..

Warning, those of a nervous disposition should look away now. This is Jo, a few minutes after rolling out of bed at midday.

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One Response to “Reasons Not To Drink Wine #31”

Posh Totty said...

Ohhh I bet she loves you so much for posting that pic of her LOL