Wheee Stats!

Things have been a little bit wheeee-whoooo over the last couple of days. Busy, mostly - finishing the Christmas shopping, house working, school winding down (he's off now till new year), plus finally sorted the internet problem.

For the record and for you nay-sayers, the issue turned out to be with Virgin themselves and NOT me, king of the fiddlers. So raspberries.

Anyways, I checked my StatCounter yesterday, and was greeted by the following image:

Impressive eh? After a quick peek, it appears someone submitted by site to StumbleUpon, which basically, someone posts "Hey, check this!" and so they do. In droves. Whether or not any of them are still lingering around reading I don't know, but to any new readers - Hi, welcome and feel free to stick around!

Tomorrow, I might actually post something with, like, content ;)

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3 Responses to “Wheee Stats!”

Krista Long said...

Do you know what post got stumbled? I posted a "Blogging for Kindness" post this week that was stumbled as well, and I have never seen my stats jump that way. It is impressive.

Dan said...

Looking at the referral stuff, it would appear that it was just my blog in general and nothing specific. I don't think I've written anything that anyone in their right mind will find interesting :D

Krista Long said...

You must write something interesting- I don't delete you from my reader. I don't remember how I found you, but you have been one of my regular reads for over a year.
Or maybe it is just because you have adorable children :)