Housework A-Go-Go

There is something about this house that just generates rubbish. Rubbish, Junk, Toot, Crap, Clutter - not to mention the dust, fluff and hair, all on top of the laundry and dirty dishes and what-have-you.

While I am a very organised person, the chaos in this house is generally organised. I say "generally" thanks to people moving stuff and not putting stuff away. It's the kids mostly, but Jo isn't a neat freak, and when I'm having an off-day, I couldn't give a crap where I dump stuff. Add in the animals, and you've got the perfect mix for a shit-hole.

With Jo being poorly, I'm trying my damnest to keep on top of the housework, but am losing.

Losing badly.

I got up this morning - still armed with my stinking headache - and tripped & stumbled out the bedroom, tripped & stumbled to the loo, stood on sharp things in the hallway and lounge, and had to clear the sofa off before Jaysen could sit on it. Now I am back from a cold grey school run, the harsh light of the day is showing how much crap there is that needs doing today. I've made of the list I should do, but will update it as I get stuff done - armed with my trusty laptop. Suffice to say, Dan will be a busy bunny in Chez 0ddness today...

  • Sweeping the downstairs (1: Check - done and done)
  • Mop the downstairs (2: Check - Done and hurting! Not a good start really)
  • Vacuum the stairs (11: Check - - without pulling the hoover down on top of me!)
  • Put away Tams toys (3: Check - again)
  • Put away DVDs/PS2 games (4: Check-a-roo)
  • Vacuum the lounge (5: Check - and no toys sucked up)
  • Vacuum the landing (6: Check)
  • Vacuum the up-stairs (Seriously cannot face the kids rooms)
  • Clean the loo (7: Check - you can now eat out of it... If you want)
  • Washing (8: In progress... Forever!)
  • Folding laundry (9: Check - Jo got up and did it while I did #10)
  • Drying up/Putting away (Screw it - it can dry itself)
  • Washing up (10: Check - and I look like I've pee'd myself)
  • Feed Jo & Tam (And done)
  • Carry laundry downstairs (5: Much hefting, but ouch. Er, Check)
And no doubt, all this will be punctuated by phone calls, texts, generic pain, headache... I can't wait...

Edit: Nearly done... for lunch...
Edit2: Done, done and... well, if anyone has a tranquilliser handy, may I point your attention to the large target that is my arse. And it's only 12.10 in the afternoon. Yay School Run in less than two hours.

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3 Responses to “Housework A-Go-Go”

Posh Totty said...

hehe bless!! .... that sounds like a normal day in my house ;o)

g-man said...

Go Dan go!!!

{aiming blow dart at neck}

:) Have a rest after school.

Phoenix said...

I am so angry and annoyed at you. I told you not to over do it. You are going to be ouchie for days, your head will be worse AND your gonna go into your shell AGAIN!

I am proud of you for doing so much but ffs your going to be bad for days and im going to be worried sick. Yes I know I am doing this on your blog and that everyone can see but you didn't listen to me. I love the pair of you (jo hasn't escaped my wrath either she will get it too)and worry when your both poorly and won't let me do anything!

(Sorry readers he refuses to listen thought this might help.)