Musical Monday #28 - Everybody Out of the Water

While writing the title to this post, I had to frown. See, I am almost 99% certain I posted last week, but a check of the archives, a check of my saved drafts... Nothing. I even know what song it was I did, but I can't see it in my history folder, so either A) I dreamed the whole thing, or B) I did it on the laptop which isn't likely, but still... Maybe next week...

This week however, I've chosen a song that popped up on my play list apparently from the Land of Nowhere. The Wallflowers - Everybody Out of the Water is an excellent rock track that I honestly don't ever remember hearing. Me and Jaysen sat here rocking our heads, and when it finished, I was getting ready to find it and play it again when he asked for it again!

A bit of digging around Ye Olde Intarweb tells me that it's a song from Season 3 of CSI (Las Vegas), the episode "The Accused is Entitled" which I know and remember - I can only assume it's in one of their case-solving montages.

As seems to be the case more and more of late, it's the music you're listening to. Of course, watching a bit of CSI action can't be bad!

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