Musical Monday #29 - Everyday

Being that I am tired and grumpy, my Musical Monday post today was a toss up between something loud and hard, or something quiet and not actually a song, per the usual use of the word.

This video is where I first heard this bit of music, Carly Commando - Everyday, with the chap Noah that took his picture every day for six years. I'd forgotten how much I loved it till I saw a Simpsons spoof of the same thing, and it rekindled my love of the track.

As per usual, you can ignore the video; it's the music that's the key!

And now, to the housework that's not been done... *huff*

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One Response to “Musical Monday #29 - Everyday”

Gretchen said...

Every day for six years? Unbelievable.

Love the song!