A Good Post

Today is V-Day. This is my positive V-Day post. As mentioned before, we don't do Valentines day. Nothing to do with not loving one another, but today has too many bad memories attact from this time in 2005. However, this post is not about that. That's next.

No, this post is to show thanks and appreciation and love to people. First, the computer saga. After lots of digging, running around and price comparing, I have to say a massive thank you to the In Laws. They might be strapped for cash, but they helped us out after much umm'ing and arr'ing, and as of this morning, I recieved a brand new computer. After spending the day fiddling and tweaking, it's as I like it, and I am once again connected.

Second, just because I can, a big hug and a kiss to Jo. I love you dearly, beautiful, and can't imagine my days without you. You put up with all my shit, my mood swings, my grumpiness and my whining about "ouch" and, more than anything, you "get" me without question.

Thirdly, to all my close friends that I harrass chat with, day and night, email, text, messenger. I'm not naming names - those that send me messages, random photos, smiley mails, or just come around to say Hi, thank you to you to.

And lastly, to all of you readers, lurkers, wanderers and everything else. 0ddness passed 50,000 hits this week. Clearly you suckers coming back for more are interested, and that's all I need, so thanks to you lot too.

Happy 14th Feb ;)

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