Ideal Gift!

OK, I know Christmas is still one of those things that are lurking in the background, and the last thing you should be thinking of is gift buying, but, on the other hand, the year is full of birthdays and other random celebrations.

But what do you get for that person you don't like to buy for, don't really like, but have to get them something...

Well, I do believe I have found what may be the perfect gift for that person you want to get rid of...

Click Here for information, but the long and short of it... Send them off to the future!

Basic Premise
Time travel technology is available in the future. The future is not yet here, but once it is, and time relocation becomes available, with this purchase and contract in place, you will be escorted into that future with the option of relocating and inserting into any moment in the timestream.

If the future includes mastering time relocation technology, why haven't people come back to visit you may ask? The simple answer is we haven't invited them to do so which is what this program is designed to resolve. Our records will be not only archived for posterity, but made available to future generations.
There are plenty of caveats and addendum's to the purchase and the experience, but there you go.

And if I mysteriously vanish, you'll know what I got for my birthday ;)

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2 Responses to “Ideal Gift!”

Anonymous said...

Dan you know the sad part about this is that there is some people out there that would get this and go crazy waiting for it to happen. Ok well more nutso then they were lol!
There is a few I would love to get this for as a present lol!
I saw something else on ebay I want though! It is dehydrated water! I could have used that several times LMAO! (smile)

The Random One said...

Buy me three.