New Blogs On The Roll

I am a man of routine, but quite often, I take that routine and stick it somewhere dark and icky. Of course I mean the attic... Every day I read lots of blogs, mostly the ones on the sidebar there under (amazingly) "Blogroll"

Seriously, you can't miss them.

I've noticed more and more of late, that clicking the "Next Blog" button leads to one of a few types of blog:

  • Something in a completely alien language
  • Something older than some of you readers
  • Something of angst and woe and "poetry"
  • Something interesting
Sadly, for the most part, the blogs I find are all of the first three items. Finding an English-written blog is a mission in itself, and when I do find one, it's a year or more out of date, and then it's some mid-teen pouring their heart out about the evils of their life, how dark their soul is and so on...

Of late, I've started reading three new blogs, one from comments left here, one from an existing blogger, and a third from clicking "Next Blog" till the blisters on my fingers subsided. All three fall under the "Personal" category, with general chatter about whatever pops up.
  • Can I Find Me is a blog by Debbie who, after focusing on her personal life, is working on how to change herself for the better by doing things for her and discussing her relationship in detail.
  • Earth Girl I found randomly, and she blogs about whatever crosses her mind - a broken tooth of late, as well as previously being a victim of identity fraud.
  • Krista's Thoughts by (cunningly) Krista is another personal blog covering her life, medical stuff, tags & memes (so tag her!) and general parental ramblings.
Go have a read, poke them and say hi! You don't have to say I sent you though ;)

Anyways, the blogroll is looking a bit tatty of late. I've been crossing out blogs that haven't been updated or have been locked to invited readers only. I'm contemplating deleting the dead blogs out there, but those that are still active can still be read... But for the time being, a strikethrough link is a blog that is either out of date or locked.

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2 Responses to “New Blogs On The Roll”

Krista Long said...

Thank you, Dan. I had no imagination when I named my blog, and now I have no desire to change it. I was trying to remember how I stumbled across you. It has been at least a year, if not more, that you have been in my reader. I am interning with a child death support organization, but I actually think I read you before I was even doing that. Ah well... That is what happens when you get old, the mind goes.
I like the new template.

debbie said...

Thank you Dan for adding me, cant really remember when I started blogging may be just a year ago.. but if it was not for Darling Bethy I would not have known her Dad or Mum..