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I love my movies - the 200-300 DVDs we own are a clear testament to that. We've never been a "Buy it, watch it, get rid of it" sorts, and will watch films over and over. They vary in genre; action, thriller, horror, kids, comedy, sci-fy, fantasy - not to mention the TV Shows we have in box sets and suchlike.

While I don't tend to read movie guides or watch up and coming movies, every now and then I will come across a trailer or three and think "Ooooh Wow!" And of course, my train of thought usually goes from "Ooooh Wow!" to "Must share on blog!"

So here are some movies that have caught my eye. Of course the next one I HAVE to see is Cloverfield, but all in good time ;)

Iron Man: Movie adaption the comic/cartoon series.
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Official Site

Doomsday: Virus/Apocolypse based in England - looks like Mad Max.
Apple Trainer / IMDb / Official Site

Star Trek: The next Trek movie, but a prequal, I believe.
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Official Site

Forbidden Kingdom: Time travel, Quest, Jackie Chan, Jet Li... Woot!
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Offical Site

Narnia - Prince Caspian: The next installment of the Narnia series, set 1300 years later in Narnia.
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Official Site

In The Name of the King: Based on the game Dungeon Seige, BUT it's by Uwe Boll who is knows to butcher game-movies.
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Offical Site

The Dark Knight: Sequal to Batman Begins which will be hyped due to Heath Ledger dying.
Apple Trailer / IMDb / Official Site

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One Response to “Up and Coming”

MrB said...

In addition to them, I want/need to see the following:

- Jumper
- Be Kind Rewind
- The Bank Job
- Semi Pro
- 10,000 BC

That's just for starters! Oh and Cloverfield is pretty good...