All is fine with me in my crazy little world.

Met up with Jo today and sorted out the bank and hopefully sorted her out a bank account as well. Got some presents for Tams birthday as well! Tam went back with Jo, I came home with stuff to wrap.

I've knackered myself out over the last couple of days and paying for it this evening, so with Jaysen in bed and Tam with Jo, I am heading to bed in a min.

For now, enjoy this.

All together now. Awwww.

Anyway, thankfully the next couple of weeks are short school weeks - where I've been so busy I feel like a truck has slowly reversed over me, so will be glad of the rest. Jaysen was in today, tomorrow and Wednesday, then no school Thursday (Teacher Training), no school Friday (Good Friday) and no school Monday (Bank Holiday Monday), then he's in school four days next week, and breaks up for two weeks.


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One Response to “Awww”

debbie said...

AWWWWW what a clever dog,