I'm A Poo Head

OK people. The title says it all because I am, in fact, a poo head.

The post that WAS on here has been deleted. I shouldn't have posted it and, if anything, I probably made things worse by actually posting it. So I a standing up and admitting that I made a big fat mistake by posting when I was upset.

Jo and Best Friend have been on the phone this evening to one another. I think stuff is sorted on that aspect now. He says touching wood (no, not that wood)

For the people that were posting here and saying "things" I need to point out that people don't, for the most, know the full story of what is going on here. There are things I've not blogged about because it's no ones business it's stuff that the world doesn't need to know.

Best Friend knows most of what is going on here, as does one or two select others, but generally - as is always the case here in Chez 0ddness, things are so much more wibbly than the norm in life. Chances are, things will slowly become more apparent over time for "people" but I think a lot of stuff will stay with those that know.

So, to Best Friend Who I Won't Name But People Prolly Know Who You Are:
I am sorry. Really really sorry. You are my bestest best friend and I am sorry that my post made you look like a bad guy. I posted tired and unhappy, and now realise I shouldn't have. I didn't do it to be mean or anything like that, I was just prattling on as I do.

I am a poo head. A stinky poo head. And I am sorry that I made you feel so crap. I will make it up to you with lots of carrot cake. Or by not spitting in your drinks.

I've disabled comments here because this is all that needs saying on the matter.

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