An Ouchie

Some days I wake up and think "What shall I do today?" while other days - like today - I woke up and thought "Mmmpfghhh?" Of course, that's what happens when you're kept awake till 6am.

Of course, the downside to this is that when I get tired, I am either mentally or physically incapable of functioning. And on other days - like today - I suffer from both physical and mental floopiness.

Yes, floopiness.

So this afternoon me and Jaysen had hankering for cheese, onion and salad cream sarnies. We had a fresh loaf, some nice cheese, new onions and a full bottle of salad cream. All was buttered, prepared, sliced, laid out and ready to be cut.


Click them to open them up and see the full oozy gory goodness. I actually stuck the knife into the bone which, obviously, hurt. Still, I am sure Cheese, Onion and Salad Cream Sandwiches are sterile.

I assume the gross stuff oozing from the injury is a pocket of fat. Needless to say, my finger is killing me. Pah, I knew I should have stayed in bed.

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8 Responses to “An Ouchie”

Em's way said...

When are manufacturers going to get round to putting warning on such dangerous items.

Keep out of reach of children and men ;)

Ouchie indeed, hope the injury doesn't stop you typing :P

Deni said...

Sorry to see you bleeding..Hope it dosen't hurt too much.
I thought I was the only one that has cheese and onion sandwich,yes I use salad cream also.
When I was much younger like 12, I called them swampfox sandiches..Go figure.
Take care Deni

MrB said...

Thats not a cut! At least mine was infected!

Anonymous said...

You crazy dude. Don't you know I am fine with needles and all that but I can't cope with the thought of knives cutting flesh. Even a slip of the razor and the wait for the stream of blood makes me feel ordinary.

The Special Zipper said...

Aw .. that was crap. Was just too lazy to log in.

I'm back with the Blogger logo!!

Dan said...

Em, I think I fall into both of those categories, but cutting sarnies with spoons is just sooo difficult. I know, I've tried ;D

Deni, the sarnies are lovely - eat them every day!

Matt, oooh you poor naive lad, THIS is a proper injury, is nicely swollen today and has every chance to get infected yet. Give it time. And remember, your "injury" was a wee little scratch that you went to see a doc about - mine is an insides-oozing mutilation that I have seen NO medical professional!

Tim, you love the gory details really. The knife actually crunched as it sliced into me. Very gory ;)

Nancy Jensen said...

No, no, no. You don't even cut your hand right. My son, Brandon does... only he wouldn't let me take any pictures. He cut his hand with a shiny object he picked up and cut his hand. Hid dad took him to the ER where they charged us $125, put in 3 stitches and sent him home. $125??? I have a needle and thread. That would have cost me NOTHING.

Pah! You didn't even need ONE stitch. Or do you? The enlarged photos show that it was a fairly deep cut, although a short one. Come over and I'll get out my trusty (rusty) needle and thread. I'll fix ya up.

Posh Totty said...

Tut Tut!! the things you will do for a bit of sympathy