A Sort-Of-First

Today was the first time since the poop hit the fan that the cupboards needed restocking. Even the mice and roaches left, there was so little in the house. Now, before, I could quite merrily go out, buy what we needed and come back, but for some reason, this was a big new thing to me.

Luckily, Jo was on hand to assist.

We met up in town, wandered around the estate agents looking at places to rent and putting her name down for when places come up. Then we went to a little resturant (obviously the kids were with us too) and had lunch, and tackled the shop.

As per the previous blog entry, the shop was Hellish with people wrestling through crowds to get everything they needed. We wandered up and down, going through the things I needed, looking for deals and what-have-you to save money.

All in all, I did rather well, and have restocked the cupboards and fridge/freezer with actual food. Granted, I forgot the dog food, but I went to the local pet shop and bought their over-priced stuff to tide me over, and a rawhide bone as an apology for forgetting her.

But I did it, I shopped, got what was neccesary and didn't go over my budget. Go me.

The fact Jo was there guiding me is not the point though ;)

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4 Responses to “A Sort-Of-First”

debbie said...

well done to you for sticking to your budget even if Jo was there to guide you,, I can never never ever stick to budget..

Adullamite said...

Shop late at night to get the cut price stuff.
Shop very early to avoid the crowds.
Carry a machete if you shop between 10 - 6.

Baseball bats are better for Tesco's mind.

Posh Totty said...

I second the advice of Adullamite ;o)

Anonymous said...

hehe grats on the shopping

as a warning though you shouldn't feed dogs the rawhide bones if you can help it they have a risk of swelling & choking

if you can get one of the sterilised bones or real big bones they a bit safer.