Vroom Vroom

I'm not a car-freak. Car crasher, maybe, but not a car freak. I can, however, fully appreciate a car that looks nice. Torque, HP, Braking Power, and all that milarky mean precisely bugger all of nothing to me, but I can look at a nice car and like how it looks or sounds.

While blog hopping earlier, I can across Claire's newest entry regarding a couple of cars that are for sale. Both are famous. One was in a magazine that she did the photography for, and the other was made into a cake.

OK, so maybe one is more famous than the other, but you get the idea!

For those local to Essex that are in the market for a new car - or even not local, knowing some petrol heads will drive miles for a new car - I figured I'd link to the cars for anyone that might be interested.

Don't contact me for info about them though - to me they are just cars for sale - click the link/photo to see more photos of the cars and the seller information!

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One Response to “Vroom Vroom”

debbie said...

a cars a car to me too gets you from A to B hopefully with the right directions, nice looking cars though,,