I Win...

As you probably know by now, I have been reinstated on Facebook. Hurrah for that :) However I am pretty much NONE the wiser as to why.

The chap I've been messaging at the Facebook team was helpful enough, and pointed out I had "used the Poke facility in a manner that would be considered abusive" which I find very hard to believe. On a busy day, I can understand that maybe yes, a little extreme. However, the morning I was banned, I was only poking Melissa, and even then it was only every now and then till it bugged out and became stuck on poke.

He also pointed out that usually, once a ban has been implemented, they aren't lifted, but they were willing to lift it for me. Why? I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been peer pressure thanks to Em creating the Bring Back Dan group on there.

They have said if they have to ban me again, then they won't reactive my account under any circumstances.

The part that irked me the most was one sentance in the middle of the email:

Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook's limits on multiple occasions when poking, despite having been warned to slow down.
Um, warned? I was warned and banned on the same minute!

But, never mind. The group, the protests, my whining at them, it all worked, and I am indeed back on Facebook! Whoooo!

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