Life As A Singleton, Week #.. er..

I think I've reached some sort of invisible milestone in regards to being single, a milestone I don't know about - simply because in the last few days, everyone - everyone - is asking "How are you coping Dan?"

Well, truth be told, I am coping pretty damn well.

Now, that isn't to say that every aspect is going swimmingly, and nor does it mean that I don't have my crappy moments, but for the most part, I am alive, smiling, joking. I am having a great time with the kids, the house is neat and tidy (ish, I've still got to start packing up Jo's stuff!), and bills are being paid - sure I am scraping through on the bare minimum, but hopefully my money will be sorted in the next week or two.

I have changed as a person - I find I am procrastinating a lot less - if something needs doing, I tend to do it, there and then. I'm eating a lot less, simply because I'm not hungry, but also because if the kids aren't here, then I tend to not bother cooking. My sleep patterns are completely buggered mind you - I am finding it very tough to sleep at nights, struggling to stay awake during the day, and even if I am tired at night, my brain either runs away with me, or I just suffer from evil insanity insomnia.

I have noticed that I feel really uncomfortable in bed with a light off. Can't place why, but I have to have the bedside light on. I also can't spread out in the bed - that just feels strange and wrong, and I remain on my side of the bed. Rather, my usual side of the bed.

Aside from the masses of bureaucracy we're having to fight through, me and Jo are still good friends and communicate in some manner every day. We've been generally chatting more of late, mundane stuff and what have you. We both have our own lives now, plus different experiences with the kids, so we generally just chat. Before the rumour mill goes off into overdrive (as it does), yes, she has a new man in her life, and yes, I am aware of him. I know him, get on well with him, and have no hard feelings nor animosity towards him and, most importantly, I trust him with my kids.

That is all I will say on that matter.

I am generally keeping busy though - housework or shopping, mostly, but also taking time to hang out with friends. I've been at Ruths for a lot, and before the afore-mentioned rumour mill gets ahold of that, Boy+Girl CAN be platonic friends, and that's all there is. She's been cooking for me, making me coffee and entertaining me with free strip shows random conversation and her blondeness. We've been out into town with Alyce, looking after our scatty friend Louise and protecting her from crazy Post Office customers, we've been to a kids party (and survived) at Celetes... On top of this, Facebook has been a big help, and I've been talking to a very old friend that grew up next door to me, as well as others that were part of my childhood.

Seriously think the old crew needs to meet up in the summer at Langdon Hills for a BBQ or something.

Part of me has also been thinking about relationships, the what-if's and everything else. I'm not looking, subconsciously or actively, for someone to be with - I wouldn't even know where to start or what to do. Me and Jo met, and that was it - I was never what you would call a Romeo or Man-Whore. Granted, I had a couple of girlfriends in my teenage years, but nothing long-term, even if they did shape me in some way.

On top of these thoughts, there's also finding someone that will accept me and all my idiosyncrasies - the fact I have kids, the fact I am still on social-terms with Jo, that I am not upping sticks from here, that I am not having more children, as well as my OCD, Anally-Retentiveness, my physical condition, my mental condition...

Such a catch eh!

Still, as I say, I am not looking for anything at the moment - I need my life to be mine before I even contemplating such actions. If something comes along, fine and dandy, but I am not going to put on the glad-rags and hit the dance floors in true Saturday Night Fever style for a long time.

Anyways - I am doing well, and people have commented on how well I am doing, so that is something. I have my crap moments, minutes and hours, but so far *touches wood* so good. I am even seeing the funny side of my life, and some of my friends are in stitches when I manage to slip my new catchphrase into any conversation: *big dramatic sigh* "And she dumped me"

And I do mean I can slip it into anything, from buying milk, discussing the weather, talking about Warcraft... People have started to pre-empt me as well, sighing and saying it for me ;)


So, for the time being, things are ticking over and going as well as they could be. Sure I wish I could change some stuff, previous events and suchlike, but all in all, I think I am doing well for myself and, especially, the kids.

(and I think this is week 6 or 7 of being a single boy!)

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5 Responses to “Life As A Singleton, Week #.. er..”

Posh Totty said...

pleased to see you admitting at last that you are doing well, Iv been telling you that for weeks now ;o)

maybe just maybe this means you do actually listen to me after all :oP

Dan said...

Pffft like I listen to anyone!!

Especially women that pay people to pour boiling wax on their eyebrows and worse ;)

The Random One said...

In case you were wondering...

Over here we have evolved Man-Whore from Man-Ho to Bro-ho.

Completely stupid and amusing every time you say it... :D

Glad to hear things are alright. :)

Gretchen said...

My sister is now better friends with her ex-h than they ever were as husband and wife.

Glad to hear things are looking up!

Daddy Cool said...

Sounds like you are doing as well as you can. You'll be hitting the dance floors in no time.