Musical Monday #36 - Paradise City

Music is one of those things that stirs up memory and emotion for me. I've got songs that make me want to dance (but I don't, for the sake of those watching!), songs that make me want to cry, to sleep, and to run around like a mental patient on speed.

With Jo leaving, I've found my life has gone in a bit of a circle, and thanks to the miracle that is Facebook, I've found those that I grew up with and shaped who I am - and, maybe - helped shaped them too. And chatting to the old crowd has made me dig out my Guns 'n Roses stuff, my Iron Maiden, all the Indie, Brit Pop and similar tracks from the early 90s.

Listening to Guns 'n Roses always reminds me of my days as a teenager, music that the parents hated, with the occasional swear word thrown in. Shocking.

One of my old friends, Cassie, reminded me the other day about the evening walks we all used to take. We always ended up at a little secluded pond that was surrounded by small business units. We'd sit and chat, lark around, play Magic the Gathering, share music on walkmans (on these things called Tapes!) and when it got too cold, we'd go sit behind some air conditioning units which blasted warm air over us. Granted, we had to shout to talk, but still.

So, here's to my OUR mis-spent youth!

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3 Responses to “Musical Monday #36 - Paradise City”

Stuart Wilson said...

Hey Dan, even I remember those days...

Shiny Demon said...

Interesting Fact - Axel Rose always does that funny shoulder dance because he has really bad ankles.

Posh Totty said...

Fantastic song, not heard this for ages but I love it, off to find my cd now so I can listen to it more now that you have reminded me ;o)