Musical Monday #38.5 - Some More!

Now I know what you will think when you see this post. "But Dan, you already did a Musical Monday post!" Yes, yes I did. BUT thanks to the joys of Blogger in Draft, I wrote that post days ago, and it posted this morning.

However, over the last few days, week and couple of weeks, I've been listening to several songs that I really enjoy and, for the first time, had a problem actually choosing what to post. Now, I could have saved these up for the next six weeks, but let's be fair... I would have forgotten. Or found something else. Or both. Well, technically both would have happened as if I had forgotten I would have HAD to find something else instead!

But, you know.

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt: I started chatting to a friend I grew up with several weeks back, and she mentioned this as one of her favourite tracks. I hadn't heard it so grabbed a copy of it and now love it too. It's a cover of the Johnny Cash track but being that I am a young cool hipster* I prefer this version.

*may not be true

Sugarbabes - About You Now: I'd heard this on the radio in passing several times and got really pissy that I kept missing the "who is that?" part. Usually because our local station actually plays a wad of tracks, then a wad of ads, then the DJ mentions it, and I never have the time. But I got Ruth on the case, and here you go. Of course, listening to the words it's about someone that dumps her partner, then realises what a mistake she made... pffft oh well ;)

Kate Nash - Foundations: I really cannot tell you what it is about this song that I like. She sounds like a lot of the mums in these parts which makes me chuckle, but this is another that I heard on the radio. I was trying to use my phones Track ID tool, but when Ruth saw me holding the phone next to the stereo she thought I'd lost it... THEN she told me who it was.

I've still not used that toy yet!

Scouting For Girls - Heartbeat: Dare I say I have moments when this song applies? I won't bore you with how this is another track I heard on the radio, but there was no one around so I had to remember the line "Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the arse" Found it on my own though!

Basshunter - Now You're Gone: Another of those songs that have a bloody meaning when you actually listen to them which I can apply to me, but it's not the reason I like it. THIS version that everyone knows is the commercial "written for the masses" version. However, the original is called "Anna" and is a geek song. How so? Because it's about a IRC Automated Script. Don't know what that is? Exactly.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot: Usually this sort of music doesn't do it for me. I cannot tell you what it is, but I think it's the fact it sounds like a lot of the music from the late 70s - made cheaply, with actual skill ;) I heard it on an ad for - shockingly - a show about riots, and had to remember to look for the song. After spending an evening out, drinking, chatting, channel hopping... Yeah, I sent myself a text message to remember.

So there you go - the music that is doing it for me at the moment. I won't do this every week, but none the less ;) And consider yourself lucky that I'm not putting up the two-CD collection of Ministry of Sound - Mash Up Mix 2007 which I am also enjoying a bit of blasting on loud.

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One Response to “Musical Monday #38.5 - Some More!”

Unknown said...

krista beat me to it. i was about to freak out on your ass because johnny cash is the one who covered nine inch nails, not the other way around.

the day you are hip is the day that i become a nickleback fan.

thats right. NEVER.