Another Busy One!

Once again, life here in Chez 0ddness has been a wee bit hectic, a bit up, a bit down, and a bit, kinda.. squiggly.

Jo finally has her new place all done and dusted and has moved in. Of course, moving in there means taking stuff from here, and suffice to say, it was a bit icky. Not the "That's Mine!" "No, it's MINE!" stuff, far from it, but the whole next step part. If she had moved out and taken her stuff, I think that would have been easier. But having her pack her things and going again, I don't know it was just a bit rough.

Her, her mum and her fella were helping out through the house, and it's amazing how removing things can make a house even messier. I've cleared out a couple of rooms that have had all their Jo-Stuff removed, and dumped out crap that I don't want or need any more. Two rooms down, what seems like a billion to go ;)

Otherwise, I've been in town pretty much every day this week, keeping busy, shopping, paying bills, and generally being out an about. As per the wise words of a few people, I have also taken to letting people talk and think what they like about me.

In a while, me and Tam are off to Mother & Toddler Group. Yes, yes, I know ;) But the girl really needs to start mixing with kids and other adults - she's often very shy with adults, and is still refusing to talk properly. I am thinking she's going to need to be checked because she refuses to talk properly, even though she is smart as arses.

I am hoping that the group isn't a load of mums gossiping and bitching and suchlike - life's too short for that, and if it is, I'll find something else for us to do in future. Luckily, I'm friends with the woman running it - she was Jaysens preschool teacher, and Bethys preschool teacher, so it's fitting she'll be with Tam as well!

Otherwise, Jo is getting the kids after school this afternoon for the first time at her own house. Her fella also has a son that will be there this weekend, so I think that should be interesting ;)

Maybe I should load my two up on coke and sugar and let them go!

The weekend should be a good one. I am out pretty much the entire time. This evening I am going to Ruths where her fella will be so I can have a look at his computer. Tomorrow me and Kellie are off to our old stomping ground and going to have a wander around the streets we used to rule. Then it's back to hers for dinner and beer. Sunday I am heading home, then probably at Ruths for dinner again, before getting Jaysen home.

I'm knackered thinking about it!

Anyways, for those of you that were lucky enough to see the photo-post this morning, consider yourself lucky as I received a very long-distance phone call from someone telling me that she is very sorry and will not call my bluff again :D And seeing as I am SO DAMN NICE, I've taken the post down ;)

Well, I converted it to a draft, so it's still there, lurking in the shadows... Just in case... *cackle*

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One Response to “Another Busy One!”

Lynzi_Loo said...

Get Tam's ears checked out, Katie is the same, turns out her hearing was crap, which in turn affects her speech. She had a simple op on her ears and her adenoids removed which made a big improvement :-)