Makes Me Mad...

Seven in the morning, I'm half asleep, not done on my third coffee yet, and I hear the clatter of Mr Postman dropping a load through the letter box. I trundle down and collect up the crap.

I notice two Customs and Excise envelopes, one marked Important. Finally, could I have money I foooooolishly think to myself, and open it up. It's got Jaysens Medical Card in it, the ONLY item I could find with his name and address on it. The only thing I have to prove my son lives with me. "Thank you for sending the required documentation. If we require further evidence, we shall contact you."


So I pop open the second envelope.

Bear in mind, for those of you with Goldfish-like memory spans, what the previous envelope contained. This envelope contained a single letter. "Please fax Jaysens Medical Card to us in order to complete your claim" I looked the THREE INCHES to the left to see the card I had just received from them.

Date on that letter. Friday 2nd May.
Date on this new letter. Tuesday 6th May.
Both from the same person, my "case worker" as it were...

So, I've complied with every single bloody thing over more than two months, and now they return a document to me with a fax request. Could she not photocopy it - which she prolly did - and pretend the photocopier was a really big fax machine?!

And the next issue is... Who the fuckity actually owns a fax machine these days?! Does this mean I have to trundle into town with my £0.00 for the CSA, taking out the non-existent money in my bank account in order to use the fax that may-or-may-not exist at the library?

WHY did I post about how great things were yesterday? I should have left it till this morning... "Everythings great - but it's a pain in the arse."

So, thanks to these three branches of the government "supporting" parents...

- I've had two Child Benefit claims lost, and am STILL waiting on a third.
- I've had to send proof of my sons birth, of my sons existence AND that he lives here, and still Tax Credits aren't happy.
- I've had to deal with claims of Child Support against me, which went nowhere - and they forgot our other child.

On top of all this - Incapacity Benefit people will only pay out weekly instead of fortnightly if there are extenuating circumstances. Helloooooo?! Having fuck all money counts as extenuating, right?!

Oh I am going to be a bucket of JOY on the phone to people today.

*grumbles and mutters to the shower*

Edit: Not to mention, the bank will be taking money away from me in two weeks time because I spent money that wasn't mine. Yes folks, I will be charged for going over drawn by TWO PENCE.

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One Response to “Makes Me Mad...”

The Random One said...

I didn't really have anything to say the first time I read this...

And then... I was posting in the cbox and scrolled away and saw...

That's the Incredible Hulk! I saw him at the Deaf Expo down (and over) here in CA. He was advertising something, I think. He looked a little confused...