On Strange Pets

Now, you may be forgiven for seeing the title of this post and thinking "Oooh strange pets like odd fish or weird rodents" or suchlike, but that is not the case. No, after receiving various messages over the weekend while I was at my mothers, I figured I should explain something.

My years as a child, and even today, any pet belonging to my family has always been a little bit... Well, as the title suggests, they've always been a little bit strange. Mum is the "Crazy Cat Lady" in her area. People find cats and give them to her. She keeps them, feeds them, looks after them and runs them around to the vets and suchlike. They go from strays to loved pets.

Over the years, we've hand-reared kittens, taken in the waifs and strays of the area and generally had animals bursting out of the windows. She's down a lot compared to before, and only has twelve now.

Yes, only...

Of those 12, two are stone deaf, one has odd coloured eyes, one talks to you, one is 20 years old (runt of the little, hand reared, never thought he'd make it...), one is universally hated by all the others and lives in the kitchen... As opposed to being "just a cat" it's more a case of describing them by their peculiarity.

Her two dogs aren't normal either - one is anti social and eats rocks (requiring fairly regular surgery) while the other is getting on a bit, allergic to all sorts of things and had a stroke giving him a wonky face. Like a golden retriever needed to look any more stupid.

And then there is Snoopy. Snoopy is not a beagle. No, this is a duck called Snoopy. A duck that can't walk without falling over. A duck that is not waterproof, and a duck that, when it hits the water, it sinks. In the rain on Saturday it stood there, outside, getting drenched and looking sorry for itself.

Well, as "sorry for himself" as a duck can look, but it really did look miserable.

Mum had pets from as long ago as I can remember, from a blind dog that bumped into everything (did it need a seeing-human?), a cat that fell out a window and dribbled every day from then on, two cats that had to live in rabbit hutches for six months after accidents nearly killing them, a mental dog that used to chase me and Gemma out the house or up the stairs, and a parrot that did a perfect smoke alarm impression at 3am.

Mum broke her arm trying to get down stairs to see what was burning...

Next time you think your pet is a bit strange, just send it to my mother. It'll be right at home.

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4 Responses to “On Strange Pets”

Anonymous said...

oh my god,
ive just remembered ur cat "Lucky" which was the most unlucky cat ive ever met!!! he was a bit scabby and black but was sooo friendly,, and he went missing once for a few days turned out he was some ones car,, poor little thing,, he was always getting hurt some how!!!! bless

from cass

Dan said...

hehe yeah, scabby cat he was... when he shuffled off, Jet took over the cranky old scabby cat role, and now it's Tiny, one of the original three we hand-reared. Scary stuff.

Roberta said...

Odd pets are the best, but I think your family wins the prize!

Anonymous said...

they are not weird at all! theyre just different so more luvable. snoopy cant help being a retard, will just have to teach him how to swim and how to go up steps. watchit you cos I read you most days!!!!