Tagged: Natural vs. Fake?

Pretty much everyone in the world loves boobies. Let's face it, they're great. And I don't mean just us blokes. No no, girlies love them too - and why wouldn't they, they get to play with them as much as they like under the pretence of "adjusting the bra" or "having an itch"

Don't give me that look, you women sigh at us when we adjust ourselves for "adjusting the boxers" or "having an itch", fair is fair. We itch and adjust, so do you.

But I digress.

The debate here is Real vs. Fake. Me - fake seem OK as long as they aren't the size of a beach ball, and don't look like they've had the worlds water supply injected in them. Or, in other words, I like boobies.

The question is, can you tell the difference between Real Ones and Fake Ones? This quiz - and it's for grown ups - shows a video clip of a pair, and you have to decide if it is a real pair or a fake pair jiggling in front of you. If you don't like boobies, don't click the link ;)

Me, I scored 22 out of 30. Of course, I am more "Hands On" as it were...

Click Me or Click Image!

While we're on the subject of Breasticles... Have a Poll! Not done one for a while ;)

Real Boobies or Fake Boobies
Select an option:

I'll only have them Real!
I can handle them Fake!
I'm not fussy at all
I don't like boobies


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7 Responses to “Tagged: Natural vs. Fake?”

Anonymous said...

I scored 22 too, a few were surprisingly convincing actually... I voted REAL btw...

honest ape said...

I love 'em real. And I can usually tell the difference. If I can't tell the difference? Well, it's close enough to real for me!

BTW, the link's not working for me, mate.

The Random One said...

Hey, "breasticles" is only for moobs!

Dan said...

OK, link SHOULD be fixed :) Was a pesky Full Stop causing much distress!

Claire, thanks :D Always nice to see a woman that shows an interest ;) hehe Some of them were very convincing, which is a good thing really!

Honest Ape, exactly - if they look and feel real, then all well and good. Link should be sorted now :)

Me - pffft Men have testicles, women have breasticles... Don't you know anything ;)

Posh Totty said...

I scored 24 and am quite shocked by just how well I did, I had no idea I was so clued up on boobs *blush*

As for the debate, well so longs the make their owner happy, who cares if they are real or fake ;o)

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

It only shows the first 4 for me, and then jumps back to first

Laney said...

I got 22. Quite impressed!