All Stations: GO!

Some days my life is fairly quiet. OK, when I say "some days" I mean "Rarely, every now and then" On the other side of the coin, other days are what you might call, a wee bit busy.

And then there are days like today where there probably aren't quite enough minutes in the day in order to do everything you need to do.

Before you say it, yes I know I am sat on my fat arse blogging, but a boy needs a break. And a coffee. Or a vallium. A vallium latté to go, maybe.

Seeing Kellie as much as I can at the moment has been a case of weekends, plus Mondays and Wednesdays. However, this week, yesterday I had to go into Lakeside with some short chick to get hooked up on Orange mobile broadband, so was out pretty much from half ten onwards, and didn't get back till gone two - so that blew our Monday hookup. Wednesday Kellie usually has college, but as she finished last week, it was a case of arrange for one of us to go see the other. Before we made any proper plans, she and her best friend arranged to go out.

Of course, there's no way I'd come between a girl and her bestest best friend. Sod that. I've seen them together sober and that was scary enough ;)

Which of course, meant that I left Kellies Sunday, and wouldn't see her now till Thursday - however, that's the day me and Ruth go shopping to restock. And as I am going to Kellies at the weekend, it would have been Friday afternoon till I saw her.

Hmmm, this rambled longer than I thought it would :D

So with a lot of re-arranging and jiggling times, dates, people and everything, we've had a new plan. Kellie and her kids are jumping on a bus there after school today to come here. Then I am feeding them all, they are staying over, and leaving at Silly-o-Clock in the morning to get the kids back to school, so Kellie and her friend Kerry can have their girlie day out.

Exhausted from just reading it?

So, this means that with three extras coming over, and me going into panic mode regarding dinner, I had to rush out this morning and buy food. Let's just say YAY for various salads and fresh stuff that I will be making - as suggested by Ruth this morning as she held the mask over my face to prevent the hyperventilating ;)

On top of feeding them, I actually need to have a quick clean up - which isn't that much, but none the less, it's housework. Which, coupled with the fact I have someone over this afternoon... Manic. Because my claim for housing benefit and tax benefit has been significantly altered, they are sending out an inspector to make sure I am not committing fraud. I assume, by not housing a boat-load of immigrants or something equally strange.

This inspection is due between 12-3, despite me warning them I am out from half two on school run. If he turns up then, I'll be pissed. So I have to clean, while waiting for Fella McBlokey to turn up, while doing some washing up, while preparing dinner, while doing a school run, while making sure the beds are made, that the kids rooms are tidy (ish, I'm no miracle worker) and generally not having a breakdown.

**Mushy Alert**

Of course, the fact that I get to see Kellie again is aaaaall kinds of good, even if it's only going to be for a few hours. Doesn't matter how much stuff I have going on, I'm still all fuzzy and smooshy and stuff.

Ya'll can just live with it or read elsewhere

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4 Responses to “All Stations: GO!”

debbie said...

OMG talk about and essay.. well honey, hope dinner is swell like quiche and salad,, thats what I do when I have a house full,, as for when the inspector comes to call, sure alls going to be fine, at least there doing there job and you should get some money.. and as for Kellie well ARRRRRRR so sweet.. you now sounding like your 12.. but its fab and I am happy for you guys,, enjoy tonight..

Posh Totty said...

Even too busy for your friends eh? *cries*

debbie said...

me thinks there is more mushy, fuzzy stuff to come., :)

Anonymous said...

Well at least he hasn't ditched his blog...unlike plurk!! ;-)

Hehe, love mushy Dan!