Busy Weekend

First off - if this post appears as a sheer WALL OF TEXT then I apologise... I think it might be a Beta thingie... This has been a rather fantabulous weekend, if I do say so myself. Friday daytime saw me and the Peanut whizz over to Canvey to see Kellie, where my pretty young girlie to us out to lunch at her local pub. Yes folks, being that I am a sad sad single father, she bought US lunch.

Who am I to argue - women want equality and all that ;)

As per usual, time whizzed by, and as I had to get Ruths girls from school too, we had to leave a little earlier "just in case" It's one thing doing the Bad Daddy thing and forgetting your son, it's a WHOLE new game to fail to collect your best friends kids because you're out schmoozing with a lass.

Friday evening I was babysitting Ruths girls. Being that I am SUCH a good person, I bought Ruth a ticket to see a psychic with her friend. As it happens, her friend Paul was down for the weekend, so he and I sat chattering, drinking beer and being bastards to the four kids in the house; Ruths two, Pauls one, and Ruths nephew.

Now, I HAD taken over the very very stunning movie Cloverfield to watch, but someone decided that watching Big Brother was a better option. A couple of texts from Kellie - who was out on the town with her friends - made me smile during the evening, and once Ruth got in, I headed home, popped some pills and flopped into bed. Tired and Achey, and a night to myself.

Half an hour later, I get a message from Kellie, and then till nearly 4am, I was texting and phoning her as her Fun Night Out took a turn the other way. But, as I promised, I won't mention that here... I think it was the police requesting not to talk about the case...


Saturday, my nieces birthday. Kellie rolled into mine around ten in the morning, we ran some errands (Well, I ran, she tagged along trying to wake up), before we popped on a bus, went to Jo's, kidnapped Jaysen and Tam, and then headed to Gemmas. We were at Amys party till seven that evening or so, and poor Kellie had THAT sort of afternoon...

Bear in mind she already knows my mum and Gemma, this was our first time out as "a couple" to a family thing. And, of course, the entire family turned up. She met mum, and Gemma, and my mums mum, then my dad, his wife, my half sister, my dads mum, and then my uncle and aunt.

The latter reads this blog, so everyone wave to my Auntie Di. Use big movements tho - she's partially sighted, going deaf, and all that other old-biddie-stuff.

Anyways, Kellie pretty much got thrown in at the deep end, and we stood off to one side, gossiping with the Aunt and Uncle. The Uncle that is a police officer. That Kellie recognised. Who also recognised Kellie...I think I need to investigate that avenue of fun ;)

We left, dragged my kids back to Jo who was at her parents - so Kellie then got to meet Jos mum and dad for good measure. We trundled across town, got on a bus driven by a man who wasn't sure what route he was on (Whooo!) and arrived home safe and sound.

"Wanna watch Cloverfield?" I ask? The affirmative reply meant shoes back on, and trundle to Ruth where I had left the DVD.

Ruth was home, Paul was still there, and Alyce (She of the Serpents of DOOM) turned up at the same time as us. We chatted, took the piss, had a laugh - and then the three girls started talking about shoes. Me and Paul compared socks...

Back home, DVD on, Kellie jumping like a girly girl. All good. Then, for good measure, on went Lee Evans Live in Scotland:

You can rummage through YouTube for more of it ;)

After that finished, we went off to bed... And there we stayed. Till FOUR this afternoon.Get yer minds out the gutter.

No kids, no plans, a few coffees... We literally spent the entire day in bed. Talking, messing around, snoozing... The only reason we had to get up was because the erstwhile Ms Kellie had to get home for her kids. She was out and on the bus at half five, and I've kinda poodled around since then.

Jaysen got back at 8pm, we in bed by half eight, and then I decided to blog.

Um... and that's that really :D

So how was your weekend!

Edit: Having a couple of issues with this post - typos not being noticed by spell checkers, bad grammar, and the formatting went mental a bit ago too :S

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One Response to “Busy Weekend”

Laney said...

Isn't that the Lee Evans where he does the little musician mime routine at the beginning? Funniest thing ever!