It's In The Stars

To be honest, I've never seen the fascination with stars...  The reading of, the studying of, the watching, the celebrity-variety.  And if I am REALLY honest, I don't get why stars are given as awards.  WHY is something good worth five stars?

"Well done, that's such a good bit of work, I will award it five balls of burning gasses from the depths of space"

Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

It can't be all about the shape, as there are lots of pokey shapes to be had - WHY does it have to be the five-pointed variety?  Why not six?  Or twelve.  Not two though - two would just be... erm.. a stick.

However, being that I am still playing around with Blogger In Draft - which I suppose is Bloggers new Beta.  Have to play with the betas.  It makes me cool.  Anyway, you will now see - hopefully - at the bottom of each post is a little star-rating thingiemajigg for you to "rate" the post it's attached to.

I know a lot of people read my posts, but a lot of you are cowards that don't like to comment.  Some of you go as far as using the Tagboard off to the side there, but there could be MORE interation.  So, if you don't want to comment, if you don't want to use the Tagboard, then click the stars.

Except you dirty RSS Readers ;)  You can come over here and load the page in order to use it.

Now, I am hoping that over time, Blogger will add a widget to show the "Highest Rated" posts and suchlike in a sidebox... I would assume that would be the next logical step, but still.

Feel free to be harsh - like you are anyway - and if you think a post sucks the floppy one, rate it.  I'll ignore the rubbish ratings anyway ;)  My Blog, after all.

If you're using Blogger In Draft, then there's a post on their official blog about Star Ratings.  However, because some people are idiots that mess around with their templates all the time, it doesn't always work properly, in which case, I found a very handy guide to getting it to work on another blog called At The Edge.  So thank you to the author there :)

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4 Responses to “It's In The Stars”

Lynzi_Loo said...

Cheers Dan, its a cool little app ;-)

debbie said...

OMG, so I am one of those who Comments, uses tagboard and I suppose I have to do the stars aswell,, OH hum,, if it makes Dan happy then i will happily oblige

Anonymous said...

Glad to be of help and thanks for the link back :)

Anonymous said...

yay for stars