Random Points

  • Blogger In Draft users - it seems that publishing a post, then editing and republishing makes it become a Wall o' Text - and you have to enter HTML Breaks where you need them.
  • I was a brave boy at the dentist and didn't get a lollypop.
  • Nor a sticker.
  • I've been seeing Kellie as official "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" now for four weeks today. YAY!
  • My mouth hurts.
  • My back feels pretty pants too.
  • I've had lots of people tell me the New Template = Pants on a Stick... So guess what I'll be fucking er, I mean breaking changing this week...
  • The weather has been REALLY pants all day - but I've hardly noticed.
  • Not even when I got soaked.
  • Facebook has been really unstable of late and it's pee'ing me right off!

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