A Strange Day

Last night was a rather naff night.  For one, it was hot and humid.  For two, I've spent the last couple of nights with Kellie, so my normally large, cool, comfortable bed just seemed a wee bit... Empty.

On top of this, my mind was wandering to icky, unpleasant places, namely, Guys Hospital.  All I could think of was Bethy and her last days.  Every time I closed my eyes, I could see her and all the ickiness involved.

I was drifting in and out of sleep all night - strange dreams and nightmares but I think I was mostly awake, plus things were different, wrong... The people around at the time, the layouts of the rooms and everything else - it was the same but different, if that makes sense.

I think the last time I looked at the clock it was pushing 5am, and somehow, I managed to turn off my 0615 and my 0645 alarms.  Luckily, my panic button, Ruth, called and woke me up.  Did the morning school run, and went with her to see her youngest at sports day...

Nice to see the world is still as mental as ever - Sports Day once again had no winners of losers, and this year it seemed worse than before... The "track" they were running on was twenty... Maybe thirty feet long.  The kids were in teams of 8-10 so it was run, then sit and wait for all those in front of you to run.  And when I say "sit" I don't mean "pop your bum on the school field" no no, the kids were provided chairs to sit on.

One of the teachers then went into detail about how last year in the Parents Race, they let the kids run with the adults - one of the dads fell down and hurt his kid.  Not sure if it was "hurt" in as much as a bumped wee one, or if it was a "hurt" in the bad way.  So, with this in mind, the parents race - Adult and Kid.

There was no "well done" ceremony.  No winners, no losers, no certificates or anything.  Even though the kids were split into five teams, no team excelled or was congratulated.  The teachers seemed pretty much "So, what event do you want to do now?" and couldn't be arsed.

Highly Amusing...

Anyways, me bitching about all that actually cheered me up some, and after, I went back to Ruths for a coffee till she had to go out.  Once home, I couldn't get motivated, so sat listening to loud music, while kinda sorta doing housework.  I nodded off in my chair but forced myself back up or I know I'd not sleep tonight.

Did the afternoon school run, had another coffee at Ruths, came home and set up a freeview box on the telly - Jo and Steve had it knocking around, and as my Sky TV died, and I ditched Telewest, I've had no telly in the house.  Fine for me, but the kids we're best pleased ;)  Bad Daddy!  Anyways, they have TV to watch once again so that's something.

And now, I decided to clear my head a bit and blog myself out.  Obviously, I've done quite a lot of quizzey thingies - I tag all of you to do them if you're bored.  My head is back in a good place, and Kellie is here tomorrow...  As is a man about the fence - the same one that went over LAST spring.  Finally, they are going to "assess" what needs doing...

Helloooo.... I need five new fence panels, three new posts, all six feet wide and seven feet tall.  Just like the last THREE guys have said.

Amazing what snotty letters can do ;)

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