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I am:
Missing someone I've been with all weekend.

I think:
Very random thoughts on a regular basis

I know:
Lots of reeeeally pointless information

I have:
A very lovely girlfriend that I can't get enough of ;)

I wish:
Very rarely...

I hate:
That I have to wait DAYS till I can see Kellie again

I miss:
Bethy at the moment.

I fear:
My life repeating itself again.

I hear:
Coldplay - The Scientist

I smell:
Cut grass

I crave:
A nice big lottery win

I search:
On Google

I wonder:
How many of my friends gardens I can slip some Japanese Knotweed into...

I regret:
Not giving Bethy just one more kiss, one more cuddle, and telling her I love her before I lost her

I love:
My kids, My Kellie.

I ache:
Along my spine and down my legs.

I am not:
The greatest gardener in the world.

I believe:
In a thing called love!

I dance:
When very very drunk, and even then it's more... "dance"

I sing:
In my head

I cry:
More often than a lot of people think

I fight:
With my duvet and pillows every night

I win:
An extortionate amount of arguements

I lose:
My train of thought a LOT

I never:
Worry what a lot of people think about me

I always:
Flush, put the seat down and wash my hands

I confuse:
A lot of people when I open my mouth

I listen:
To anyones problems

I can usually be found:
Either glued to my girl, or saving Azeroth from the baddies of the world

I am scared:
Of losing another child

I need:
Some painkillers

I am happy about:
How my life is at the moment

I imagine:
What it'd be like to be very very rich.

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