When Idiots Show Themselves

There is a reason that little picture beside this post is larger-than-normal. It's because it is sort of the subject at hand.

Now, if you've seen the image, had a chuckle and are now reading this post, then you might want to skip this entry. For those at you that think the author of the image needs his or her eyes pulling out, then read on.

So - HOW is it that someone can take the piss out of someone elses opinion... And spell "YOU'RE" wrong. "I have the right to think your stupid" completely negates Idiot Authors point, and makes Him/Her look like an even bigger stupid person.

Honestly, it's not THAT hard is it? YOUR/YOU'RE, THEIR/THERE/THEY'RE.

So, yes you have the right to your opinion, and yes you have the right to think your stupid, but I think YOU'RE more stupid, Mr Image Maker.

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One Response to “When Idiots Show Themselves”

The Random One said...

Ughh, yes!

Some people skip out on the whole elementary grammar thing, it seems...