Le Gasp!

OK, I will admit from the outset, that the "gasp" in this post doesn't actually make me gasp - after all, us hardened, tough-as-nails, men-of-the-world are hard to shock.  No, the gasp refers more to the rest of the country/Europe that are currently up in arms over, of all things, an advert.

Now, to be fair, it does push the rules of advertising a little close to "that" edge, but I think it's a case of, once again, no publicity is bad publicity.

Sex sells - we all know this, and flicking through any magazine, watching any TV advert, billboards, newspapers - any of these forms of media will show you that it works.

And the chaps that make Orangina have taken that and run with it.

The video on YouTube is the french version, and whoever uploaded it added "Only in France" but I didn't want to ruin his day and point out it is shown here in the UK too...

So yes, someone somewhere decided that in order to advertise a nice fresh drink, they have an animal-strip club with anthropomorphic critters running around.  Oh, and a big fat dollop of suggestiveness.

Just... Wow...

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3 Responses to “Le Gasp!”

Anonymous said...

I agree it's completely hilarious, although somewhat too "Continental" for the Brits to handle - not for our nanny state...tut!

Anonymous said...

I saw the poster ads on the nets some time ago, and the tv ad on some sky sports thing at a pub... I think they're great! Soft core furryness to advertise a drink.... brilliant. Plus the Octopus girl is sexy :P

Unknown said...

okay, as you know, i'm a pretty 'open-minded individual' *cough*. but holy crap is that inappropriate. i would have SERIOUS issues with my kids watching that on tv.