Musical Monday #56 - Set You Free

Yes, I'm doing a sneaky and publishing this post back a day.  Yes it's currently Tuesday, but hey - my blog ;)

Back in the 90's, Dance, Trance, House and Rave music kinda sorta exploded on the TV, Radio, in Pubs and Clubs - it was pretty unavoidable.

I used to love it - and still do, as you probably know - and spent many an hour in my room blaring out "that shit that sounds like a car alarm" according to Mummy 0ddness.  The autumn/winter/spring of my final year of school was spent studying (for the most part) for my GCSEs, and one of my study aids was this music.

Me and my friend Jay had loads of tapes and - shockingly - records of various sorts that we swapped, copied and borrowed, and the places we went - normally the old Towngate pub - usually had something on the jukebox of which we approved, and, consequently, put on to piss off the rest of the bar.

One song that will ALWAYS remind me of those days was N-Trance - Set You Free.  Never considered a great song by anyone, but always seemed to cheer me up.  And it lasted for YEARS in my life.  It usually ended up on a mix tape, or on a jukebox, or a request or whatever.  One of my friends, Ben (Jo's older brothers ex-wifes younger brother...!) loves it as much as me.  I don't know if he still reads here, but if so, I decided it was time to slap the song up on here!

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One Response to “Musical Monday #56 - Set You Free”

Laney said...

I love it too, well cheesy but makes me feel 15 again.