On Being A Busy Bunny

As the title suggests, I've been a rather busy little bunny of late - hence the lack of posts for three days, not to mention the random filler posts here and there since the weekend.

All is good in Chéz 0ddness...  I've been really tired of late which I am putting down to a mixture of A) Being the afore-mentioned busy bunny, B) The weather being shit and grey, and C) Old Age.

The latter is not my own personal reasoning, but it's been mentioned so I figured I should be objective and put it on the list ;)  Especially when you walk into the playground, and a couple of mums look at you and say "Ooooh you look knackered!"  Usually such a statement is accompanied by a nudge and a wink, but I digress.

Friday saw me at Kellies, but with a difference - this time I was cowering in her bedroom (finish reading the story first, pervs) hidding from the cluster of women downstairs having an Ann Summers party.  Yep, the domain of Women Only was close to me, as I pissed around on Facebook for a bit, before watching some rubbish on TV.

Once given the all clear, I returned to the living room, where Kellie, me and a few of the others sat and had some drinks.  All good stuff.

Saturday we woke up to find someone had put a muffle on the world.  Canvey is a flat island in the English Channel, and the fog had rolled in over night.  I couldn't figure what the constant "HOOOOOOONK" sound was when I first woke up, only to discover it was a fog horn.  Kellies oldest had football practice that morning, so we bumped our way to the field, trying not to get lost in the soup...  When we got to the field, it was a case of Spot The Players.


Carefully concealled in this photo are a dozen boys in black and yellow football shirts...  No, we couldn't see them either, so it was down to the kids to shout into the fog till someone shouted back.  Which took about ten minutes.  Of course, even before the kids had started, the adults were cold and damp... So we hit McDonalds!

When we got there, Kerry (Kellies best friend) was about to park in the "Car With Kids" space, when it became apparent that she couldn't park thanks to some completely inconsiderate prat that had taken his Big Shiny Penis Replacement and filled his own space and angled into the next one along.

So from all of us that wanted our McMuffins - but especially from Kerry - UP YOURS you silly bastard!

In other news... Well, the kids are still being good as gold and pretty much set in their ways with the new lifestyle of two households and suchlike.  Jaysen is a little unhinged - he decided he wanted to be an elf the other day en route to school, and armed with a couple of leaves...

Yeah, he's a bit strange...

As for the Peanut, she's still gorgeous and still growing like a bloody weed. She's madly in love with Kellie too which is a good thing, and when we're there, it's all Kellie-this and Kellie-that. Not that I am complaining of course... I'm over the moon the kids love Kellie as much as I do, so yay!

She gets bored on the bus and invariably falls asleep - so I had to give her my other phone in order to take photos on the journey.

Other than being as busy as hell, Kellie and me are still going strong and having a great time. Of course, allowing her to get bored is a very bad thing, and, armed with a biro, I had to sit and allow her to develop her artistic flair the other morning...

Aren't I pretty ;)

So, that pretty much sums it all up for the time being. Yes, I'm being a shit blogger - but once I manage to figure how to juggle my time, and when two or three hours gets added to each day, I should be fine. Until then, things like this will continue to amuse me, which you'll need to clicky to embiggen...

If you still can't read it - because it's fuzzy - that cars number plate is MILF X. If that means nothing to you, I suggest you click this NSFW link ;)  The most amusing thing was that the owner of the car was a nurse!

I'd like to point out, that I started this post at 7.45am today. I then continued it at 3.30pm. It's now almost SIX in the evening... Welcome to my life!

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2 Responses to “On Being A Busy Bunny”

Anonymous said...

Don't mind the intermittent posting Dan if it's due to being happily busy.

I enjoy posts about your kids. They'e so gorgeous - the picture of elf Jaysen is making me melt. Aaaaaw! Those freckles - that perfect balancing of leaves on ears.

Stuart Wilson said...

Canvey??? In the English Channel????

I thought it was in the Thames Estuary!! Unless it has drifted south and now resides next to Jersey!! :)