I'll Take An Education Please

Sometimes, I really have to worry about the state of what the schools have churned out, and then realise that the people I am staring at in... Shock, maybe?  Whatever it is, I look at these people and realise that even worse, they have been allowed to breed.

Allow me to paint a picture.  We all know what time of year it is.  Regardless of your belief system, religion, point of view, state of mind - we all KNOW what is looming just a couple of weeks from now.

So, standing in the school playground waiting for monsters to be released from their daily prison, and I notice one class is decorating.  The kids have obviously gone to great lengths, taking a letter each, and the teacher was currently hanging afore-mentioned letters in the window.  However, it was clearly being done in a "First Done, First Hung" routine and not in order.

As such, the window currently displayed the following:

M  RR     CHR  S  MA

OK, a little cryptic maybe - for about four nanoseconds.  Now, imagine a real full-class chav standing there, knuckles on the floor staring mouth open at the window, brow furrowed.  "'Ere luv, wots that say?!" he says, pointing a meaty hook at the window.  "Luv" is a full-blooded professional chav with the same forehead, knuckles dragging, designer tracksuit, dripping in gold.  Her brow furrows too.

I'd bet one testicle her name was Sharon.  Or Shaz.

She nudges a friend.  She squints.  She kicks a friend.  She squints.

SEVEN of them now stand there, grunting and snuffling, itching their heads and trying to work it out.  Phrases like "They've spelt MR wrong, it's only got one R" and "The second word is Charisma" made me want to remove them from the gene pool that very instant...

Proof that it was already too late to clean the gene pool came in the form of one of their offspring from the class at the other end of the playground, the five year olds.  With her big blue eyes and brilliant blonde hair, she pointed at the window and said "Merry Christmas from Class 4!"

And the Neanderthals let out a collective "Oooooooh...."

I swear, all I could think of was this...

Only with less in the way of realising potential and discovery...

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One Response to “I'll Take An Education Please”

Adullamite said...

Unfortunate, but I am sure they live in a hedge near here.....