Musical Monday #66 - The Elements Song/The Drugs Song

Sometimes music can be strange to the point of... well, being stranger than usual. Of course, because it's strange, it's still catchy of not more so.

Then there's the song that you hear and enjoy, but if you want to learn the words to it, you know you've got a shed-load of work to do in order to learn them correctly. Personally, I learn the words to most songs by listening to them over and over. Some tracks I have, I know completely, others I know bits, and every now and then, I know the first word... And that's it.

Take for example, Tom Lehrer - The Element Song. This is a song from the late 50s, using a tune from The Pirates of Penzance, but the lyrics consist of the names of elements from the periodic table. Well, most of them, as there have been more discovered since then. If you know the words, sing along, and give yourself a gold star! If not, you can find the lyrics here

However, in order to reach a larger, more diverse audience, there is a similar style song, but this one uses drug names! Amateur Transplants - The Drugs Song. Again, if you can learn this one, fair play to you - here's the lyrics! Bear in mind this one has one or two naughty words in it... These ARE the same people that sung "London Underground" And if you've never heard that, then you can go listen!

Lastly, as an honourable mention, there's a third very similar song, though it uses a different tune, and is made up from food additives. Oh, and it's the Animaniacs to boot, which I thought was called "The Additives Song" but is actually called "Be Careful What You Eat" ;) Like I say, it's a different song, but still - oh, and here are the lyrics!

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One Response to “Musical Monday #66 - The Elements Song/The Drugs Song”

The Random One said...

Dan, this song follows suit with those above...

It's not very long, but it's got a drug-filled ending! :D

Amusing songs this week :D