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Kebabs are... wait for it... Unhealthy!!  And they found this out with a government-funded survey!  Well thank goodness for that, I was eating them thinking they were all healthy and stuff! hehehe

Shocking amounts of salt and fat.  Duh.  Meat not included in the ingredients.  Duh again.  It's a block of "meat" and I am pretty sure people don't ask the guy in the van or behind the counter "Pardon me good sir, can you tell me what your Slab-o-Meat contains please".  I'm pretty sure it's usually something more along the lines of "Excuuushe me... *hic*  Big fat *burp* kebabby pleashe.  Extra large.  With extra *hic burp* chilli sauce... And a coke!"

LONDON (Reuters) – Doner kebabs, standard takeaway fare for thousands of Britons following a night out, contain "shocking" amounts of salt and fat, and many may include meat that is not listed as an ingredient.

A survey by food standards officers found the average kebab contained 98 percent of a person's daily recommended salt intake, nearly 1,000 calories, equivalent to half a woman's daily food intake, and almost 150 percent of the daily amount of saturated fat.

The worst offending kebabs managed 1,990 calories before salad and sauces were added and almost 350 percent of a woman's saturated fat intake.

The Local Authority Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) which coordinated the research, said it had revealed "shocking figures" about the contents of doner kebabs.

"We would never consider kebabs part of a calorie-controlled diet, but the level of saturated fat and salt in some is a serious cause for concern," said Geoffrey Theobald, chairman of LACORS.

"While some people may think they are making sensible choices by ordering a small kebab, this study showed little difference between small and large kebab weight."

The study, which involved tests on 494 kebabs by officers from 76 local authorities across Britain, discovered many of the kebabs were wrongly labeled.

Tests found that 35 percent of labels listed meat that was different from that actually found in the kebab. Six tested positive for pork when it had not been declared as an ingredient including two marked as halal, or acceptable for Muslims.

"It is totally unacceptable that people with certain faiths are unknowingly eating meats that are against their beliefs," Theobald said. "Labeling is a safeguard for people to help them make informed choices, so need to be accurate."

The unhealthiest kebabs were found in northwest England, where the average calorie content was 1,101, with those in London and Northern Ireland the "healthiest" in terms of calories.
Still, at least this end of the country has the healthiest ones available... Apparently... Be interesting to know how much this research cost. And hands up all those that think the officers had their own kebabs too!

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7 Responses to “This Just In...”

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what a kebab tastes like when I'm sober. In fact I'd go as far as to say they look hideous until I gets mi beer goggles on!!!

Posh Totty said...

Shocking stuff!!

Posh Totty said...

I refuse to believe it

Em's way said...

Ahh but the 5 mile walk home as there are no taxis, usually extended to 10 miles by the weaving pattern popuarly favoured by the intoxicated, burns off the calories and then some, so you should end up thinner and healthier than before ..

Anonymous said...

LOL, the only thing that suprised me about this is the fact that money has wasted by testing summat that we already know is bad for us. Nobody knows what's really in a kebab except from the companies that make them........ And they won't specify to anyone what ingredients they use, you can't even find the recipe on google lol, so be very scared hehe. They do taste good tho!

The Sween! said...

I always wondered what dog/cat/fox meat tasted like - now I know! lol

Anonymous said...

People won't give a damn about the ingredients by the end of an habitual night out on the razz.

I had a shish kebab a couple of weeks ago - tasted like it still had it's fur, horns and arse attached. Put me right off...I can still taste the disgusting muck as I type...'scuse me whilst I reach for the sick bucket.