Under The Weather

This week, I have mostly been feeling sorry for myself, but not in a wallowing "Woe Is Me" way (for once ;) ) but more a "Bleeeergh" kind of way.

Tuesday evening a headache landed plonk firmly in my lap.  Not the worst thing I've ever dealt with, but still.  I assumed it's be gone by the time I rolled out of bed Wednesday, but alas, I was wrong.

All day Wednesday it lingered.  Wednesday night/Thursday morning it hung around, keeping me awake and I'm sure triggering some very strange and yucky dreams.  It wasn't quite as bad as the previous day, but I still felt like crap.  Friday it was still a bit less, but again still remained - and here, Friday night, it's still here.

Drugs haven't really done a lot, I even resorted to my Migraine meds.

The downside to it (not that headaches actually HAVE an upside) is that I've not had much sleep, so I am shattered too.  All good then!

In other news... Erm, well considering I've been feeling rather rough this week, there isn't really much to tell.  My cinnamon buns seem to have been a hit with everyone, so next week I might make some more.  Get me the bits for it, and I'll make you some too :D  I love to cook, but haven't done it properly in a long long time, but since being with Kellie and watching her cook (and seemingly able to create meals with nothing more than some fluff, something from the fridge, and whatever that herb/spice is in her cupboard!) has given me the urge to play about in the kitchen once more.

For those that were asking, the recipe I used for the buns I stumbled across at This Site, so go take a peek and have a bash.  They are soooo bad for you it's astounding, but then, the nice stuff always is ;)

I'm sure there was something else I was going to discuss... But my head is firing off randomly - so another time then :D

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