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This is the sort of thing I like to see in the news...

Burglar Gets Battered By Brave Pensioner
3:43pm UK, Tuesday June 30, 2009

A knife-wielding burglar got the shock of his life when he was left battered and bruised by a 72-year-old former boxer.

Burglar Gregory McCalium got on the wrong side of ex-boxer Frank Corti

Gregory McCalium, 24, was punched twice in the face after breaking into the home of Frank Corti.

The OAP said he was compelled to defend himself and his wife after McCalium threatened them at their home in Botley, Oxford.

McCalium had thrown a knife at the pensioner - which missed. At that point the 72-year-old used his boxing skills to stop the would-be attacker in his tracks.

"I had to restrain him before he could go and get the knife," Mr Corti told the Oxford Mail.

"I was scared when he first threw the knife, but most people would have acted in the same way.

"If you can't defend what's yours, where are we at?"

Oxford Crown Court heard that McCalium confronted the couple after a row over noise levels.

He was drunk after attending a party when he forced his way into Mr Corti's home at 8am on August 19 last year.

McCalium threw the knife towards Mr Corti but the former Royal Engineer dodged the blade and then punched him.

Detective Constable Jon Shaw, from Thames Valley Police, said: "The elderly man, who at the time was at home with his wife, was able to subdue the man until the police arrived.

"Fortunately no one was more injured in this incident but this was still a terrifying situation and McCalium must now pay for his actions."

McCalium, a cocktail barman, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail after being convicted of aggravated burglary.

Mr Corti said he was "very pleased" with the outcome.

"Our life was severely disrupted by the incident and we are pleased he won't be troubling us for a few years," he added.
Of course, knowing the way the world is going, how long till the bad-guy sues the good guy for some pathetic reason - and win...

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