Some Random Musings

First off, I want to send lots of good luck stuff to Kathy & George.  George has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and is starting his Chemotherapy treatments to shift the nasty, so fingers crossed for them and their family.  I've known Kathy for years - she's one of the first heart mums in the States to help me out, and one of those that got in trouble with me and some others after the great Teletubbie debate of '01...  So lets keep everything crossed for them!

Otherwise, yep, I'm back home again as are the wee kiddie-winks.  They've been in Holland with their mum for eleven days, and WOW I missed them!  They had a great time and are all kinds of good.  I hid out at Kellies for the entire time they were away, and she didn't kill me (or, she attempted to do so and I didn't notice!) but I had a lovely time.  We were in and out at various points during the week, but I'm now chilled and rested in order to face the last stint in the school year.  Only three or four weeks left, and then it's done for the summer.

Last night I couldn't sleep very well, but not for any real reason.  My ribs were aching (I broke them many years ago, and sometimes, if I've been sitting awkwardly, they ache) and my back was sore, so I couldn't get comfy.  When I dozed off, I dreamed of completely random things, then woke up again...  At about four this morning, I laid in bed with some very deep thoughts...  Thoughts I may have to investigate today:
  • Do spiders have kidneys?
  • Can a snake be epileptic?
  • What is the recommended calorie intake of a flea or an ant?
  • What does a wasp with a cold sound like - or are bugs too small to get a cold?
As you can see, my brain was really off on a tangent (I should rename them Dan-gents) and I was just thinking about bugs and critters for some reason.  I've known of cats with colds, epileptic dogs, horses with seizures and suchlike - but do insects, arachnids and reptiles have such maladies.  I then went on to wonder things like, do ants even HAVE kidneys or a spleen or the normal organs found in us mammilian types?

Of course, by now it's nearly six in the morning, so I decided enough was enough, got up, had coffee and breakfast - and watched a spider on my kitchen window wander around, wondering to myself "What's his BMI?"  However, I didn't ask - it's not polite.

I'm not mad.

Aaaanyway, moving on before Those In White Coats arrive, I'm still pissing around trying to decide on a mobile phone.  It's either a really spanky new one, or a slightly older one BUT get a free gift with it like a laptop, Wii or whatever...  Choices choices.  If I go for a model 12-18 months old, I can get a Wii with a Wii Fit board.  However, the longer I take to decide, the more pissed off I get at this crappy old brick I am using.  Good job I'm not indecisive ;)

Anyway, today I'm heading into town to meet my girlie, have a mooch around the shops, grab coffee, and then my mum is meeting up with us for lunch.  The weather is glorious still, my legs no longer resemble milk bottles - now they are going to the early stages of chocolate milk which is something.

Life is good, even if I am going slightly bonkers!

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3 Responses to “Some Random Musings”

GreenCastle said...

Slightly Bonkers Dan?????

Your all the way out there my friend....

Glad you and Kellie had a good time... hope to catch up soon.

Stay safe and well

Dan said...

Hey, if you're going to comment Mr James, at LEAST you could answer the questions for me!!

Posh Totty said...

Well, I was going to come and give you my words of wisdom about your new phone, but as I have just got a text with a new number from you, I am guessing you made your decision, so come on then, do tell, what did you get?