I Take It Back

One of the "cunning tactics" I've considered to take out my Demon Weed From Hell in the garden has been FIRE!

However, I am now having second thoughts...

House wrecked as man kills weeds with flame thrower

A German gardener's house was left a smouldering wreck on Friday after he set it on fire while trying to get rid of the weeds with the help of a flame-thrower, police said. Skip related content

After accidentally setting his hedge alight, the 54-year-old's garden shed was soon also engulfed in flames and despite efforts to extinguish the fire with a garden hose, the blaze spread to the roof of the house.

Seven firemen were needed to put out the blaze in Tangstedt near Hamburg in northern Germany, which occurred on Thursday. Police said the house was now uninhabitable.

Flame-throwers are used widely in agriculture and also in gardening, but generally only for removing weeds from between cracks in paving in driveways and patios.
I'll get the gloves back on then ;)

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One Response to “I Take It Back”

GreenCastle said...

ROFL..... Dan the thought of you and a flamethrower makes me want to run away very quickly indeed.... Im sure you need a license in this country, and if not Im gonna phone health and safety people and recommend it lol...