Musical Monday #75 - Mahna Mahna

I've really really been struggling for Musical Monday recently (and by recently, I mean over the last few months...) but, I decided I should post SOMETHING.

And I racked my brains, and thought and finked and everything else, and this was honestly the best I could come up with.

Yes, it The Muppets, and if you've never heard it... WTF?  Where do you live?

And no, I'm not posting the lyrics for this one.  I could if I wanted, but really ;)

Anyhoo - next week, I'm going to start posting Musical Mondays regardless of what people might think of them.  I think that's been part of my issue (strangely!), wondering what people would say if I liked This Song or disliked That Song.

Strange how the old noggin works some days!

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #75 - Mahna Mahna”

Kim said...

I LOVE that song!

Posh Totty said...

OMG I love this song too :OD