Let's Hear It For...

The Snow!

Yes folks, you heard it right, me, Mr King-of-the-Anti-Weather is actually pushing FOR the snow for a change.  OK, maybe I've lost my mind, and maybe I am a little bit unhinged, but hear me out.

For once, I think we should appreciate the snow, and I am going to argue on the side of Snow for once.  Let's face it, since mid-December, there's been snow coming down somewhere, causing disruption somewhere, and generally flooding the press with how bad it's been.  The Big Freeze.  Arctic Britain.  Snowmageddon.  And so on and so on.

But let's look at it another way.  For starters, imagine if it was rain.  Constant, drizzly, damp, cold, wet rain.  It'd be gross, right?  So there's a pro right there.  Secondly, when was the last time people universally had so much damn FUN with the weather.  Sure, it CAN cause bad things, but every press report talking about how bad the snow is, it always ends with the camera filming kids playing out, people having snowball fights or generally messing about in it.

Can you honestly think of the last time you saw massive groups of people playing out together? When was the last time you and all your neighbours played out in the weather? Now it's snowing, everyone is coming out from their four walls and playing together, getting fresh air, making snowmen, snow forts, having snowball wars... Can't do that in the rain, or fog or whatever else.

And let's think about those that DON'T get out in it... How many of us have knocked on the door of an elderly neighbour to make sure they're OK, see if they need anything and so on? Neighbours are talking! And then there are the communities that pull together to dig out paths and roads, pushing cars that are stuck, helping one another with blocked pipes or what-not. Hell, people are even helping strangers out in the wild.

Some of you will argue that, with the economy in such a bad way, being stuck somewhere and not getting to work is making things worse... HOW can they be that much worse? And the upshot? The parent that usually works 45 hours a week, dusk till dawn, including weekends - that parent is now "stuck" at home with the kids - and they are playing together, spending time together they normally wouldn't have received because of work and school.

Yep, it's causing problems, but at the end of the day, don't you think those problems are SOOOO outweighed by the benefits of a few days of snow?

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2 Responses to “Let's Hear It For...”

Dwarf Wench said...

Dunno...gimmie some snow at some point and I'll let you know! We had about 3 days of snow over Christmas and that's it.

Posh Totty said...

Hooray !!!! it is so good to hear someone else say what I have been saying all winter.

Can not agree more :O)