The Plague

Generally, I am what you might call a Level Headed Parent.  Grounded, Down to Earth, Unpanicking.  And, for the most part, that has always remained true.  When Jaysen ate Extra-Strength Ibuprofen as a kid, I didn't panic.  When Bethy at Amytriptyline, I didn't panic.  All her medical stuff, I didn't panic...

Sometimes, however, things concern me.  Things seem a bit strange, not right, or generally just push that little "Worry Now" button.

Last week, Jaysen was out charging about with his friends, came in, had dinner, and was sat watching TV when he told me his back was "a bit itchy".  So I had a look, and lo-and-behold, he'd been (what I thought at the time) been bitten by something.  That's what happens when you hide in bushes.

So, being that I am such a kind, caring, compassionate father, I told him in the most loving way, "don't worry about it, you play in bushes, you'll get bitten"

Go me.

An hour later, he was moaning it was really itchy, so I had a peek at it, and, with furrowed eyebrows, realised the bites were bigger.  Strange.  Another half hour, and they were bigger still.  I plonked him in front of the laptop, put the camera on, and had him pose for Kellie on MSN so she could see it.  After telling her Jaysen had some strange things on his back, I think she expected to see, well, nothing.  Her first words when she saw them?

"Oh my god."

Cool, I wasn't mental then.

So, I gave him some anti-histamines, Kellie being of the mind he was reacting to something.  Roger Miss Lady, over and out.  An hour later, low and behold, the antihistamines appeared to have royally pissed it off...

The bites had become on big mean blotch on his back.  So I called NHS Direct, spoke to them, who told me someone would call me back, but they were quite busy.  "But -" the lady told me "- if it gets worse or changes, call us back"

To be fair, I gave it an hour and a half, and it got worse.  The entire right side of his back became gross.  Bare in mind throughout all this, and being as we're now at gone 11pm, Jaysen isn't feeling ill or rough or anything - just itchy.  And Kellie is staying awake wanting to know if he's ok or not...  And poor old Me, I'm shattered too.

So, with the plague now covering half his back AND popping up on his legs and bum, I call them back, tell them I'm having a bit of an "Uh Oh" moment, and that it's worse.  So they put me through to a proper nurse that tells me it really sounds like an allergy, keep on with the meds, keep an eye it doesn't affect his face or throat, and to not worry, but to be sure, she'll put a call in for the emergency to doc to give me a call...

I'm still a bit worried, pacing and checking him now and then, but doing my best to behave and not start running around like a headless chicken.  An hour later, Mr Doctor Man calls, and we have a nice long chat about how, according to my description, Jaysen has Hives, or, as he used the correct medical thingie, an Urticaria Rash.

Which, I have to say, Kellie had mentioned 90 minutes before Mr Doctor Man.

So, keep up with the meds, it'll go down fairly soon, let him just chill out and rest for 24 hours, no school (doh!) and keep an eye on it.

Following morning...

Here Be Plague
He is covered, from the neck down to his toes, and everything in between.  I call my local doc so he can have a look, and get him in there quite early.  Mr Doctor Man #2 has a look, a poke, and says "It's an urticaria rash, don't worry", it''l go down soon, but he's developed an allergy to something.

Three hours later, it was virtually gone.

However, plot thickens.  Having sat trying to work out what the buggery he could be allergic to, blanks are being drawn.  Foods, Soaps, Detergents, Cleaning Stuff, Shampoo...  I go through everything, Kellie offers suggestions, I ask Jo if she's changed any of her things for new things...

Saturday, we're back at Kellies, and it reappears - and yes baby, I admit, I'm a prize twat for forgetting to bring the antihistamines with me, so thank you again for buying more - so we go over the list of things it could be...  We've got it narrowed down to two things at this point...

Some sort of evil reaction relating to Hayfever, or,
His new fleece.

So, I ban him from wearing his fleece.  Sunday, we have a minor flare up of the rash, but it goes pretty quickly, and Monday, no sign of it.  He went back to Jo on Sunday afternoon, and I kept his fleece.  No fleece, no rash...

But wait.

Tuesday, he flares up on his back again, and Wednesday, he's got it on his thighs, but not his back.  And all this while on antihistamines.  And aside from being itchy, he's fine.  Scratchy throat thought, which could well be thanks to the high pollen count, and suggests the "Hayfever" theory could be back on the table.

Have you ever experienced it?  Looking online, it says you're quite lucky if you CAN figure out what it is...  SO many things can cause it, too.  Do we think that Dan is looking for the proverbial Needle in a Haystack trying to solve this one?

Answers on a postcard, though the comments section MIGHT be a little easier ;)

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2 Responses to “The Plague”

Jo said...

My daughter Loll used to be the same and we finally narrowed it down to some tree pollen/seeds.. We just kept on with the antihistamines and eventually after a few years of it flaring up every spring she finally grew out of it. All I can suggest is that you could try washing his bed sheets as sometimes that helped Loll a bit as we think she might've brought the pollen in with her and sleeping nr it aggravated it......
Sucks eh?

Posh Totty said...

My little man has had a flare up out of the blue just like that 3 or 4 times now, to this day we still do not know whats caused it. Luckily it clears up as quick as it comes on, but not before it gives us all minor panic attacks.