UK Googlemail User?

For those of you in the UK that user Gmail, a lot of you will know the pesky "thing" that had to do with copyright and whatnot.  See, those of us that didn't jump straight on the Gmail bandwagon ended up with another company claiming the name "Gmail" which meant we got stuck with " for email addresses.

However, I should point out here that despite this, even if you used your email still got where it's supposed to have gone.  My account is a googlemail account, but I've always used and it's worked fine.

However, this week, it turns out Mr Google has finally done something, and killed those that opposed them sorted out some sort of settlement.  Which means, if you want it, you can now have your address you always wanted.

And by "always" I mean, you know, if you noticed.

So, to achieve this wondrous feat..

1- Sign in to your Gmail, sorry, Googlemail, account.
2- Click Settings up there in the corner.
3- Click Accounts & Import up on the middle-ish.
4- Find the "Use Gmail" or "Send as Gmail" button that should be in the middle of that list somewhere.  I'm not sure where exactly, I did it then thought I should write it down for others!
5- Done.
5b - Take the free stickers!

OK, I'm not sure what the stickers thing is about, but hey, they're free, so yes please thank you :D

And there you have it - your email address looks normal again.  Unless you were doing it already.  But now it's officially normal.

Or something.

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One Response to “UK Googlemail User?”

Posh Totty said...

I've always been officially @Gmail ... maybe thats because I am posh?