Chaos (Day... er..)

I have clearly lost the plot.  I'm not sure what day I am on now, nor how many updates I've put out now.  I blame fumes from grout, paint, and lino.

As I write this, there is a man painting my kitchen.  Once he is done - I am SOOOO happy to report - the kitchen is DONE.  I suspect he's going to be here for most of the day, but hopefully he'll be done and done.

The bathroom and toilet, however, are not going quite as swimmingly as the kitchen (apparently) went.  The fitter is having a few issues with pipes, sizes, wonky walls, weird extra bits...  I am gradually losing the will to live ;)

PLEASE let it be done.  Pretty please.

With cherries.

The kitchen has almost been done a couple of times.  I spent forever re-stocking all the cupboards late last week.  Washing up everything I own, throwing out more shit I don't want, the trying to put it back into the cupboards in some sense of OCD-Tinged order.

I'm not sure it's still quite right to be honest, I am finding things aren't where I instinctively want them.

After I got everything into the kitchen and on the sides where I believed they should have gone, I was greeted by a boiler engineer to do my third annual gas check.  My third in a year.

Did I already write this?  Hmmm...

So, I had to clear the kitchen sides off for him so he could do his work, and make a mess everywhere.  So after he left, I had to do some more stuff again and re-re-arrange it all.  Which I almost got sorted.  Cooker back and Microwave rehomed.

Only to have to strip it all out again for the decorator to do his thing as well.  I'm currently sat at my dinner table surrounded by a mug tree, bread maker, cooking books, and random items sprawled around me.  I'm just soooo glad I didn't put my fridge freezer back earlier - that'd have to be moved again too.


So, hopefully today is the last day of hassle, but I have a sneaking suspicion, it won't be.  There seem to be lots of problems upstairs with the plumbing, and while he's getting there, it's taking a while.  And there's still the loo to do.

Anyway, this kitchen picture is the almost done version... The next one should be the finished version.

The microwave and kettle/mugs are over at the back-right under the boiler.  Or at least, they have been/will be.  Plus the cooker is on the left in that gap.

As for the bathroom, so far there have been all sorts of problems.  Dodgy pipes, broken seals, tiles really attached to the wall, a bath being built INTO the room (and, thus, needing to be chiselled out).  He's had to take the door off to get around, and had to lay wood onto the floor boards being laying the new floor down.

All fun.

Bathroom, Pre-Rip out

Tiles out, new bath, old sink

New sink, Panel on, Tiling Started, New Floor

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One Response to “Chaos (Day... er..)”

GreenCastle said...

Surely the whole idea of tiles is that they are stuck on to the wall? Please forgive the intrusion... however, surely, stuck is stuck, its not a quantifiable word? Or is that just me?