iPhone Confusion

In an attempt to focus on things that aren't house or electrician related - more on that later - I've been burying my head in my laptop reading.

m4tt on Twitter posted an article yesterday about "If you didn't want the iPhone4, you will after reading this" So, being that I've only got a year left on my contract with my W995 (That, I should point out, I still love every moment I am using it!) I wandered over to have a read.  Scroll down to the iPhone4 section and go through it...

Thinner: Big whoop, the thinner it is the easier it is to snap when my Fat Arse plonks down with it in my back pocket.
Two Mics: Erm.. OK, never had a "noise" issue on my phone thanks!
Improved DPI: Jolly good.. Mine is pretty and doesn't have jagged edges.
Resolution: Fair enough, it's got a bigger screen - that I WOULD like.
Battery Life: I use my phone a LOT... Still outlasts the "bigger better" apple one.
Storage: I have 8Gb, it has 32Gb.  Very nice - I don't use all my 8 yet though.
Bands: Pass, not even too sure, but mine has enhanced 3G or something.
Motion Detection: Check, got that ta.
Camera: I've got 8.1megapixel Cybershot.  iPhone has 5megapixels. The new iPhone features - zoom, focus etc - got.  Flash, got too.
Movies: HD movies on the iPhone, nice.  Edit them on the phone is handy - if you buy the app.
Books: Not sure I'd actually use this even if it was on my phone.
Front Camera: Hmmm, old on most Sony Ericssons now - two models ago I had one, three, four years back?
Colour: Black or White?  W995 - Black, Silver, Red ;)
Video Calling: Mine works on any phone to any phone, thank you very much, and I can use my front or rear camera already, portrait or landscape..
Apps: OK granted, I don't have "Apps" as they are known in the world, but I DO have applications and games.  And I can run a few at a time, flicking between them as need be.  Multitasking already exists.  I often have my email, Internet, a game or two, sat-nav - all running at once.

As samclarke said when I asked what all the hype was about, his answer?  Because Apple told us to...


However, as a Post-Script to this post, I will add...  The iPhone does have a lot of nice knobs and whistles about it.  I am due a new phone in a year (a whole YEAR!) and know that I will end up with a Smart Phone of some description.  However, whether or not that will be an iPhone remains to be seen.  The Sony Ericsson X10 seems very nice, and I am sure there will be newer, better phones in the next 12 months.  I'm not entirely sure I WANT a touchscreen phone as I don't have fingers, I have sausages...

Still, plenty of time to make a decision ;)  And plenty of time for the Apple Fanboy Club to run over and tell me the error of my ways ;)

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One Response to “iPhone Confusion”

Anonymous said...

*raspberry* to the iphone lol.

I have one (as a spare until my old sim runs out of credit lol). The only things I use on it are the phone and text function, the camera (and I would say that although it has fewer megapixels the photos are much better than our phone.

I use the phone every single day.....why? Games lol free apps that I have downloaded that just fill the time when the girls are eating or whatever. Wouldnt buy one for that reason (I would just steal Peters one).

Personally I dont see what the fuss is about and even with fingers the phone sometimes does something totally random because it thinks I have touched it. I HATE the touch screen phones and hope that they dont take over the world as I like using my keypad thanks!