Some Skill

If you have the tiniest hint of a clue about me, you will know that I am what is scientifically known as "An Awkward Klutz"

I've fallen off, over, around, through, up and down pretty much anything you can think of, and always with a pinch of skill.  Crashing through a forest, over a log, down a hill, through brambles - only to somehow land on my feet - which are still running.

Yeah, I'm that good.

However, there are people in the world that do things with so much skill, they make me look like a I have additional feet - of the left variety - and as much dexterity as a drunk man with no feet and a heavy weight on his head.

I don't even know where I saw this clip originally - I suspect it might have been on the news in some form or another.

Next time you trip but save yourself, think of this guy. If you can misjudge a bloody airplane hitting water AND recover - then come see me. Otherwise, I'm quite content to be proud of almost falling up the stairs :)

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