So Busy And Stuff!

So, you may have noticed that things have been somewhat... quiet... on here of late.  As usual, I DO have a good excuse.  Well, actually, I have several good excuses.

See, when things go quiet on here, it invariably means things aren't quiet in the physical world.  Usually, it's nothing bad, just sheer volume of stuff, but the last few weeks seem to have been MASSES of stuff going on.  Again, none of it is bad, but trying to keep up and keep on top of everything has been a mission of gargantuan proportions.

Let's see, I don't THINK I've posted since Houseageddon, so, here's the summary, all in no particular order...

-Bathroom & Toilet ripped out and replaced,
-Fathers Day,
-Running around with kids
-Dominics trip to Casualty,
-Garage Fire
-House Painting
-Kellies Work
-Kellies little brother having a baby!

So, last time we spoke, it was the house being destroyed.  I REALLY lost the plot, full on wanted to scream at someone.  People keep gobbing off with the "Oh but it's free stop moaning" but having apparently clueless people, dodgy dealers and all the rest of it running around your house... It tends to grate ;)

Thankfully it's all done now.  Kind of.  See, the bathroom is done, but the toilet has a leak.  Looks nice, but I have to keep mopping the floor.  But it's been fixed once already.  So something isn't right.  First two pictures are the BEFORE situation, the second two pictures are AFTER.

Kitchen is all done, but...  My fridge freezer has now blown up.

Dammit arse.

Fathers Day was in the middle of all the crazy to boot, and, me being me, I'm not one to have a fuss made of me.  However, several days before the 21st, I KNEW something was going on.  I didn't know what, but Kellie and the kids are about as subtle as a tactical nuclear explosion.

With a vuvuzela attached ;)

Sunday dawned, and I was presented with a cup of tea in bed (Awww) and then told to STAY UPSTAIRS!  OK, so the tea was to get me to keep my lazy arse in bed.  Worked too.  I got dressed then drank my tea till I was allowed down.

SIT ON THE SOFA was the next command, so I sat.  Four kids, One woman... Normally I would have gone kung-fu on their asses, but decided to leave them uninjured for the day.

So, despite not liking a fuss, the kids marched in, armed with cards and presents and lots of love and kisses and cuddles.  Including Dominic, who I now know reads this.

The kids got me (WITH ASSISTANCE, I should add!) lots of smellies and alcohol.  Dad and Stepdad cards.  All very lovely.

Then Kellie set to banging around in the kitchen, preparing an armys worth of food.  See, turns out earlier in the week, when her mum told me she was getting rid of her barbecue, and that Kellie could have it, she LIED.  To my face.  She was actually lending it to her so they could do me a barbecue for Fathers Day.

That day, I ate many pounds of meat.  Meat of Cow, Pig, Lamb, Chicken and Sausage.  I drank almost an entire bottle of Jagermiester and loads of Red Bull.

I had a lovely day.


Later that day, I had to go take the kids back to Jo, rumbled into Basildon (loaded with food!), dropped the kids off, then headed back to Kellies.  Chatting to Kellie on the phone, we decided to get the kids to bed early, clear up the mess we'd made, then flop on the sofa and veg out with some more booze.  6pm I get back to her front door to be greeted by Kellie.

"We need to go to Casualty - Dom just fell off his bunk"

Now, Dom is 12 years old, and, like Jaysen, is SUPPOSED to be smart and clever.  However, wrapped in a towel, top bunk, gravity.... He fell, gravity did it's thing and Dom landed on his hand.  Splat.

Kellies mum nips over, and we shoot up to Basildon Hospital and surprisingly, he was seen, examined, x-rayed and treated in less than two hours.  The end result?

Pulled tendons, a hand splint and a sling.  Within 5 days, he was fine again, but still, he looked like a plank.

Right, I think for now, that is enough... I'm half asleep and really can't be arsed to sit and write loads more...

To be continued!!

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2 Responses to “So Busy And Stuff!”

Posh Totty said...

Wow theres a big green thing growing out the top of your new toilet!!

The Sween! said...

Think I might've been behind you on the phone when the pic was taken! lol