Say Cheese!

Simple things make me chuckle, and even simpler things entertain me.  When I acquired my laptop, I was very impressed with the fingerprint reader.  See, simple things.  None of this old-fashioned password milarky, no sir.

However, when I upgraded to Windows7, the scanner became reeeeally sensitive, and it took me a dozen or more swipes of the finger to get to my desktop.  Come back password, all is forgiven.  So I uninstalled the software and disabled the scanner.  Job done.

However, I found some even MORE amusing software today, and once again, I can say goodbye to the old-fashioned password milarky once more.

However, THIS jobbie isn't a fingerprint reader, it's a face-recognition log-on.  Windows starts, the camera fires up, sees who's in front of the laptop... If it's me, Windows starts.  If it's NOT me, no joy.  You have to know my password to get in.

If you have a webcam, and want to fiddle with this to test it or to use it as your login software, head on over to Luxand Blink's webpage  and download it.  Did I mention it's free as well?!  Just remember you have to download the appropriate version for 32-bit or 64-bit windows.

Having a fiddle around with it, I see that it logs every log-in attempt, successful or otherwise.  Which means you can see if someone else is trying to log on to your computer.... Cunning!

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